Any company that owns a fleet of vehicles used to deliver products needs a way to track them so as to know whether the delivery is made on time. And when there is a delay one has to analyse whether it was a delay from the fleet driver or some other external factors like more than usual traffic that affected the delivery. If you are in a dilemma of why your deliveries are always late tryout our tracking system

Software’s Supplied

  1. Android App to be used by Drivers of Truck
  2. Tracking software for use from Office.

Software features

Android App

  1. Drivers can login which individual username and password
  2. Drivers can see necessary trip details (Address and Phone Number of Customer) and other remarks
  3. When driver starts the trip from the app the live location is send to the server at frequent intervals until trip is stopped.
  4. Driver is able to log the time when unloading has started and finished.

Tracking Software

  1. Live location of all Drivers/ Vehicle that are currently out for delivery.
  2. View route map of individual trip based on location data stored in the server.
  3. All vehicles can be tracked from single
  4. Manager/staff can add Customer details and Order details.
  5. Trips required to fulfill order can be added and assigned to a driver/vehicle.
  6. Ability to view order fulfillment details including individual trip details.
  7. Ability to track whether trip is wasted and calculate approximate wastage per month.

User System Requirement

Android App

  • Android 4.4 or Above – for Driver app
  • Internet Connection

Tracking Software

  • Computer with Internet Connection
  • Web Browser (Chrome/Firefox)

Server Requirement – (Either Local or Cloud server is required)


  • OS: Linux/ Windows
  • Software’s: PHP, MYSQL
  • Stable internet connection


  • Linux VPS

For more details and demo contact: [email protected]